Kotys, Petro Vaselo Winery

The first not disgorged romanian sparkling wine


Effervescence has been observed in wine throughout history and has been noted by Ancient Greek and Roman writers but the cause of this mysterious appearance of bubbles was not understood. Over time it has been attributed to phases of the moon as well as both good and evil spirits.


This summer, Petro Vaselo Winery, has launched Kotys, a new sparkling wine and we had the opportunity to taste it at Private Wine in Bucharest.
Ariana Negru, the winery representative, told us why they chose the name and how it is right to keep it and tasting it.


"We chose to name our Charmat method sparkling wines, BENDIS – dacian goddes of the moon, of fertility and of magic. Spumant Kotys, Petro Vaselo


Since we started to produce a traditional method sparkling wine (2012), which just came out this year, we started the brainstorming for a proper name.

Making some research KOTYS was the perfect choice from our point of view.


Kotys is the thracian mother goddes, a goddess worshipped with much revelry by all Thraco- dacian tribes.


So this way we completed the „sparkling Petro Vaselo pantheon”.


Usually, when we are talking about "traditional" sparkling wines we refer to wines produced with the classic method, ie with a second fermentation in the bottle. The production process is long (18-36 months) and features some basic steps that give an imprint to the final product.

This process includes: the use of the liqueur de triage (a mixture containing sugars and yeasts are able to start the second fermentation in the bottle), the disgorgement or disgorgement (in other words, expulsion - through various techniques - lees produced from work yeast) and the possible addition of a liqueur d'expédition or liquid dosage ("secret recipe" for every company that goes to characterize the taste and the degree of sweetness of the final product).


The peculiarity of Kotys is that the wine is never disgorged before consumption, therefore  inside the bottle remain  live yeasts, which keep moving and working.


The result is a wine in which the "Taste is evolving continuously", each drop is a concentrate of active living matter. Spumant Kotys, Petro Vaselo

From the point of view of the service it has to be considered that such a sparkling wine may be impure if we serve it at the table in a conventional manner, without the necessary caution. 

But the wine is delivered in a box that keeps the bottle "upside down". Thanks to this trick, all deposits inside the bottle will converge towards the neck and will be easier to eliminate them.


How to do?

Immerse the bottle neck in the water and open it. The pressure of the wine will release the "cap" of yeasts previously accumulated. This operation allows you to have a „clearer” wine, altough it will not be as clear as a filtered one.


Tasting Notes.

The straw yellow color distinguishes the rich and opulent array of Pinot Noir and immediately suggests the extreme wealth of the product.

The nose has warm notes of roasted coffee, hazelnut, but also herbs, hay, and  a discreet citrus finish.

The palate is broad, massive, saline, vertical. The alcohol and the crisp acidity lead to citrus and floral in the foreground."


Spumant Kotys, Petro Vaselo


Spumant Kotys, Petro Vaselo




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