Fort Silvan - Pensiunea Kemsilvanum


Address: 414/A Principala Street, Camar Vlg., Salaj Co

Phone: +40 788 754 523



GPS coordinates: 47.31635, 22.64967


Fort Silvan Crama



The Salaj area has a long tradition of wine and vineyard, but the evolution tendencies of the climate, plus the progress made in viniculture and wine-making, show a promising future of this winegrowing area. This was the reason we decided to plant wines on the sunny hills’ of Camar, a village on the foot of Magura Simleului. The vineyard is cultivated at the edge of the forest, where the area has a spectacular view of the entire valley.


The winery, with its unique architecture, was built from stone and covered with clay. It has the shape of the letter “U”, with two entrances, each side having 25 meters.

The geographical position along the 47 parallel north latitude and the bold ambitions to produce wine in a cool climate, are characteristic elements of the Fort Silvan project, the “fortress” defending the northen limit of Romanian viticulture.

Our vineyards are grown in a cool climate at the northern limit of the viticulture, beyond parallel 47, where grapes ripen and accumulate flavors more slowly.


The wines are complex and balanced, with high acidity and a strong mineral character. This makes them ideal to be served next to diverse culinary dishes, because they highlight their flavor.


Kemsilvanum Villa is located inside the vineyard and has 10 double rooms, all with their private bathroom, 2 spacious apartments, protocol room, event room with the maximum capacity of 200 people, modern kitchen, own celery, winery and parking lot for the customers. The area is ideal for resting and relaxing, away from the city noise, in the middle of nature, both for tourists as well as for corporate or private events.


For organized groups, we can organize a various range of programs, such as:

-       Walks or carriage rides through the vineyard and the neighboring forest

-       Hunting

-       Fishing

-       Cooking bacon in the vineyard

-       Traditional food, cooked in the cauldron

Winery Visits - Wine Tastings - Hotel

Winery tour, 6 wine tasting and scones 40.0 lei / (9.0 euro)
Winery tour, 6 wine tasting, cold platter 60.0 lei / (14.0 euro)
Winery tour, 6 wine tasting, cold platter and a main dish (a la carte), minimum 10 people 80.0 lei / (18.0 euro)
Double room, for two people, breakfast not included 90.0 lei / (20.0 euro)
Apartment for two people, breakfast not included 120.0 lei / (27.0 euro)
Breakfast 15.0 lei / (4.0 euro)



Contact for winery visits:
Laszlo Veiszenbacher, winery manager/winemaker
Tel.: +40 788 754 523

Booking contact:

Faluvégi Róza, Vila manager

Tel.:+40 766 619 565


Groups between 2 and 100 people 


Booking in advance with minimum one week prior


Facilities: Parking, playground for children, internet, restaurant, terraces


Payment in RON, by card: Yes


Prices include VAT.


Prices to the services offered by the winery, listed on the website may not be accurate and may be altered at any time.

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