Carastelec Winery


Address: 604 Carastelec Vlg., Salaj Co, Romania

Phone: +40 740 040 777



GPS coordinates: 47.18309,22.41090


Carastelec winery – founded in 2011 – is the first winery from the new generation, designed and built to produce sparkling wine with a second fermentation in the bottle, the traditional method.


The winery is located in Carastelec village, Salaj County in North West Transylvania, Simleul Silvaniei Vineyard – in a wine region with a history of hundreds of years in winemaking and producing sparkling wines. Carastelec logo


Both the choice of the location, the grape varieties – the majority of them are traditional varieties for making sparkling wine – the planning and organizing the plantation and the winery equipment have been designed in order to produce sparkling wine from the local harvest, the entire process taking place in the local winery.


Carastelec winery owns a new plantation of 22.4 hectares, a new building constructed in 2011-2013 and equipped with modern technology for producing sparkling wines, the whole sparkling wine process happens in the same place, in the winery, thus controlling the entire process.


The Carastelec winery Sparkling wine is called CARASSIA and is obtained by traditional method, the main brand of the winery - next to the Friza wines and the still wine Vinca.

Winery visits - Wine tastings

Pinot Noir Wine Tasting - Friza and Vinca - winery tour, 4 wines tasting and cold platter 40.0 lei / (9.0 euro)
Pinot Noir Wine Tasting - Friza, Vinca and CARASSIA - winery tour, 5 wines tasting and cold platter 50.0 lei / (11.0 euro)
Sparkling Wine Tasting - Friza and CARASSIA - winery tour, 4 wines tasting and cold platter 55.0 lei / (12.0 euro)


For wine tasting, booking in advance with minimum 3-15 days.

Walk in the vineyard on request, if the weather is good).



Matyas Amalia

Tel.: +40 740 040 777



Monday - Friday: 09.00 - 17.00, groups from 2-30 people

Saturday-Sunday: group of minimum 15 people with prior booking.


Wi-Fi: Yes


Payment in cash. Payment by card: NO


Prices include VTA.

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